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Lockdown Guest Blog Special

Hi Everyone,

How are we feeling today? Times are a bit strange aren't they? Covid-19 has shook the world, and some of us are barely hanging on, its tough, its challenging and most of us have never faced anything like this in our lives.

One thing that has helped me whilst being furloughed has been to read about other peoples experiences, some I can relate to, some I can take advice from, and some can really inspire me and put my life into perspective a little. It's very easy to get lost in our mind, its's very easy to let our thoughts build up and create false realities, it's so very easy to become depressed in this current situation, so I come up with a little idea, why not open up my website to guest bloggers, telling stories of how they are....or aren't dealing with the lockdown challenges that Covid-19 has brought upon us.

Over the next few months I'm going to be posting blogs from conservationists, TV presenters, Authors, Photographers and every day folk. They will be giving us a little insight into their lives and thoughts.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you can take something from these blogs. Maybe it can inspire you to do one of your own?

The first blog will be posted in the next few hours :)



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