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Matts Macro On Tour

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I must apologise for not being as active as I’d like on this site, 2019 is the year for that to change. So, how are we all? How is 2019 treating you so far?

Obviously I’m back to blogging and uploading new content to the site and for my first blog I’ve got some exciting news regarding Matts Macro Classroom sessions.

I’m happy to say that I will now be offering my classroom sessions out to all primary schools between Edinburgh and Glasgow, well, to be honest I haven’t really put a distance limit on so please feel free to contact me and we can discuss.

So, some questions and answers then……

What does the session contain?

Simple, Fun, Informative and an Educational approach to conservation, biodiversity and in most cases a chance to get up close with some beautiful insects like praying mantis, stick insects and so on. The sessions will be held by me, in your classrooms. Session times can be 30/45 minutes long, and more than one class can be seen in the day, in fact I hope that’s the case, or if the school has an eco-club we can do it with them too. If you don’t have an eco-club we can discuss setting one up.

What’s the cost?

Absolutely nothing, just your time and attention. I’m doing this in my free time in between working shifts.

What do I plan to achieve?

Through each session I want to inspire each and every one of you, children to adults. I want to showcase the beauty of the natural world, I want to set a spark that ignites a passion for conservation and awareness of the natural state of our wildlife and environment, to wow each pupil so that next time they see a spider scuttle across the floor they won’t squish that spider into the carpet and scream, but instead learn to appreciate all wildlife no matter how big or small, learn to be intrigued by it, to see it’s worth and ultimately protect it.  We will discuss the environment and ways in which the school can help local wildlife. Grow Wild UK have kindly donated wildflower seed kits for each school taking part, and I will be on hand for some of you to help sow and maybe plan out these gardens or wildflower areas with you.

It won’t be preachy, I won’t be pushing my own ideas, it will be a fun and educational session for all.

Have I done this before?

Yes! I do it in my daughters primary school often, if A reference is needed, just let me know. I’ve done it both here in Scotland and back in England before we moved up. Last year I’d arranged a FaceTime Question time with Chris Packham CBE and the schools eco-club, it was amazing, with a few of the teachers fan girling a little.

Chris Packham CBE on the screen speaking to the Eco-Club

Chris Packham CBE on the screen speaking to the Eco-Club

This sounds great, how do we get involved?

So, if this is for you and your class/school/club then simply drop me a message on any of my social media platforms, or simply drop me an email at . From this point we can discuss dates and times and get you booked in.

We share this planet with so many amazing creatures and it’s up to us to do our best to conserve it! Together we can make a difference.


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